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Web-based survey software for the professional creation, implementation and evaluation of online and offline surveys

Survey software customers QuestionPro

Survey software customers QuestionPro
Online survey software QuestionPro

Trust one of the world's most widely used solutions for conducting online surveys

Even with the free basic licence of QuestionPro's web-based survey software, you can create professional, multilingual and user-friendly online surveys with the perfect design. The operation is simple and intuitive. Intelligent questionnaires ensure a high data response rate with the highest data quality. Data analysis is carried out via a clear evaluation module. More than 5 million users in over 100 countries. Start now for free!

Accelerate survey processes and complete survey automation

QuestionPro enables you to fully automate survey processes. Quick and intuitive creation of the questionnaire, simple publication and distribution of the survey, clear evaluation of the survey data obtained via a graphical dashboard. Everything is done via a single survey platform. Obtain and analyse data from surveys in real time. Fast. Simple. Reliable.

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Conduct offline surveys with the survey app from QuestionPro

Conduct offline surveys with the QuestionPro Survey app

With QuestionPro you can conduct surveys both online and offline. Simply use the QuestionPro survey app to conduct offline surveys. Conduct surveys or interviews conveniently with any mobile device and collect data without an internet connection if you wish!

Survey app at Google Play alternatively. Survey app in App Store alternatively.

Extensions, ISO 27001 and compliant with EU data protection

Don't let yourself be limited! Expand the survey software QuestionPro with numerous integrated apps that offer you real added value when conducting and evaluating online surveys! You can also rely on security and data protection. QuestionPro is ISO 27001 certified and complies with EU data protection guidelines. As an initiator of online surveys, you are therefore on the safe side.

ISO 27001 certified and EU data protection compliant survey software
Support and help

365 days of support 24 hours a day and a comprehensive help library

Already with the use of the free licence of QuestionPro you receive professional support via email from our survey specialists. In addition, we offer our licence customers support via live chat and telephone, as well as priority support via email. We are there for you around the clock, 365 days a year.

These facts speak for itself


satisfied users around the world


founded, more than 15 years of development


days support per year, 24 hours a day


and more possible survey languages


free feedbacks for each survey

“We came from SurveyMonkey to QuestionPro and are impressed that the QuestionPro-Team offers even more flexibility and customer support."

Tibco works with the survey software QuestionPro

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Live Online Demo

Would you like a live demo of QuestionPro? We would be happy to show you all the functions and question types in a 1:1 online presentation. Simply indicate your preferred date and time. We look forward to seeing you!

QuestionPro Live Demo

Top features for professional surveys

Use professional tools and services from to create, conduct and evaluate online surveys QuestionPro. Comprehensive functions, high data security, high performance. User-friendly UX design, compliant with EU data protection guidelines. Serve in the European Union!

Get started for free

Collect 1000's of feedback with more than 10 question types with the free Essential version of QuestionPro survey software. Create as many surveys as you want. Upgrade quickly and without waiting to higher licence versions with unlimited feedback, extended question types and many Pro features. The free user account of QuestionPro is not limited in time.

Professional question types

Create your surveys quickly and easily with professional and predefined question types without your own programming effort. Use Likert scales, single choice, multiple choice, smileys, stars, thumbs, maximum difference scaling, conjoint analysis, Net Promoter Score, ranking, image and video ratings, hotspots and much more, depending on the licence variant you choose.

Custom layout

Create your surveys in an attractive layout. Use QuestionPro's design templates. Or easily define your own layouts using colour pipettes or colour codes. Add logos and graphics to your surveys and design individual headers and footers. It is also possible to integrate individual CSS into your survey layout.

24 hour support

Even with the free version of the QuestionPro survey software, you receive free support via email. If you upgrade to a higher licence model, our telephone support and support via live chat are also available to you around the clock. QuestionPro also has a comprehensive help library that you can access at any time.


Work together on surveys and data analysis. As an administrator, assign rights and roles to your team members. Determine who is allowed to create and edit surveys and achieve your goal faster and more effectively together. Use the integrated comment functions for communication to ensure smooth collaboration.

Multilingual surveys

Reach a larger audience and create surveys in multiple languages. Either use the integrated auto-translation function at the click of a mouse or translate your surveys manually line by line with a simple translation mask. The option of external translation by agencies is also quick and easy.

Analysis dashboard

Use the integrated graphical and clear analysis dashboard to evaluate the data from your surveys. Use user-defined graphics and create complex data analyses quickly and easily at the click of a mouse. Share your evaluations with authorised employees and export the raw data if desired.

Comprehensive features

Use expert features such as branching, validations, survey timers, question rotation, response rotation, block rotation, randomisation, response rates, survey caching, SEO optimisation for surveys, anonymous survey creation, variable transfer, API integration, survey automation, Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce integration and much more.

Panel integration

Integrate your online survey quickly and easily into this QuestionPro online panel and find survey participants in one of the largest online panels in the world. Select your target group with a few mouse clicks based on socio-demographic data, define response rates and receive feedback on your online surveys in the highest data quality and in the shortest time.

Create, conduct and evaluate online surveys quickly and easily with the professional web-based survey software QuestionPro